What They Don’t Tell You About LoL ELO Boosting

There are many different companies out there offering ELO boost services which may cause you to think that you know everything you need to know about boosting. But there are so many things that they don’t tell you. In this post we will cover some of the biggest things which you might not know about LoL ELO boosting!

LoL ELO Boosting Doesn’t Harm Your Enjoyment

Riot Games explain that one of their reasons for not allowing ELO boosting is because it harms your enjoyment of the game. They say that when you have boosted your rankings you will suddenly find yourself in a division with players much better than you and that won’t be fun!

As it turns out, the ELO ranking system doesn’t do a very good job of putting players in the right divisions. You may find that the consistent level of competition in the higher leagues is much more fun than the inconsistency you find in lower divisions.

LoL ELO Boosting is Not Dangerous

Many people think that a LoL ELO Boost will lead to their accounts being banned or stolen – but this doesn’t happen. If you purchase from a reputable website which takes customer service and security incredibly seriously neither of these things will happen.

Riot Games cannot prove that players have purchased ELO boosts by IP address or player behaviour alone. You could be playing the game in a hotel or you could have read a guide which taught you better skills. Either way, unless you tell Riot Games that you have paid for a boost they will not ban your account!

These are two things which you will not hear about LoL ELO boosting. As you can tell, it can actually be very beneficial to pay for an ELO boost – as long as you pay someone reputable like ELO Boost Kings.