Tips for Packing Books

According to Los Angeles movers, there is a right way and a wrong way to pack books. The following tips will help you to pack books the right way and make sure that your prized possessions make it to your destination unharmed.

  • Cut down on the weight. When you are preparing for a long distance move, you may wish to take some time to figure out exactly how much of your collection you truly value. Due to the fact that they are so dense, books typically will cost you more per square foot than most of your other belongings. Therefore, before you move any books that you may not want, consider donating or selling them.
  • Use a good, sturdy box. Once you have figured out which books you are planning to move with you, it’s best to choose a very sturdy, medium size box in order to ensure that they are safe and easy to manage. The spines should be in contact with the bottom of the carton, instead of facing up. When you pack them with spines facing up, it can cause the pages to buckle and the bindings to end up breaking. Make sure that books in a particular box are all about the same size to help distribute weight.
  • Use care when packing your special books. If you have books that are expensively bound or perhaps have sentimental value such as picture albums, make sure to take the time to wrap them before packing. In addition, separate them with cardboard so that you can make sure spines stay straight while they are in transit and any side to side friction will not do damage to the covers.

When you’re preparing to move, one of the most important things is to ensure that your books are packed properly so that they do not end up getting damaged and you must fill out a Los Angeles movers property damage claim.