Damn Daniel changing Lives

Damn Daniel is probably a favorite of yours now. But it hasn’t been this way for long. In fact, it was in one month that Damn Daniel spiraled out of control and gained the attention of people from around the world. And something so simple that did it all for two teen boys who love to joke and play around. The Damn Daniel video has started a phenomena and Time magazine has named the pair as two of the most influential names in internet today. Wow, what an accomplishment.

If you want to be back at it again like these two teens, there is some great stuff going on that you should get involved with. First there is the tour. The two teens have a few tour dates that allow you to meet them and see them perform. They’re very funny indeed. You also must go check out the game that is now available for your iPhone. The game is so much fun and you won’t be able to get enough Damn Daniel. You can also purchase Damn Daniel gear to show your love and support. There are a variety of items available that you can purchase.

But the biggest thing that you can do to show your support and love is to keep up with the pair on social media. Both guys have Twitter accounts , and since it is this social media site that started it all you never know what to expect next. Follow them because it is a lot of fun. Don’t forget that Twitter isn’t the only site they are on so you can connect with them on Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere if you like.

Damn Daniel swept the world away almost overnight and now nothing will ever be the same for anyone. Damn Daniel.